Specialized Retail Services is a full-service retail design and display solutions provider specializing in the Major Appliance, Consumer Electronics, and Home Furnishings markets. Our mission is to provide our customers with effective, attractive, and highly functional retail environments and displays.

SRS was founded in 2005 by David Rodriguez, who today continues in his leadership role. In his earlier years as a retail sales executive, Mr Rodriguez astutely recognized the urgent need for a company that not only understood smart and effective merchandizing, but could also deliver and install finished products in a timely and professional manner. SRS was created specifically to fulfill this need.

As the company matured, SRS focused on the idea of “Concept to Completion.” We became a completely turn-key operation uniquely able to provide brand and product consultations, creative initial sketches, CAD renderings, and the custom building and installation of effective and attractive displays, SRS has become perfectly positioned to manage any retail merchandizing project.

In addition to flexible store displays, SRS also designs digital signage and high-resolution graphics that are custom-tailored to reinforce your in-store messaging.

No job is too small – or too big. From a single display to a national rollout, SRS will help you reach your store’s goal of creating a remarkable customer experience that inspires and engages your customers.

Creative Process

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It is amazing how many retail merchandising projects begin without a clear vision or strategy. At SRS, our business is based on the phrase “From Concept to Completion”. Our process focuses on building your brand by delivering an experience-based environment. Before we begin your design, we do in-depth research so we thoroughly understand the best way to land your big message and deliver on your brand promise. Learning as much as possible about your brand and go-to market strategy enables us to deliver an inspired and memorable customer experience.


Initial Sketches

After our extensive research into your brand, we begin the ideation process using simple pencil sketches. The sketches start off rough but they give us the ability to experiment with different design themes, traffic flows, sight lines, fixture placements, and building anomalies. Working in this medium, client participation and interaction is vital and encouraged. Completing numerous sketches and revisions is how we get to the next stage of design development. Through extensive collaboration, we are able to fine-tune the drawings and documents and begin to build the visual models.  


Computer Renderings

Working with state-of-the-art modeling software, we are able to produce  3D models of the floor plan and each fixture in the showroom. We use these models to make changes during online and onsite design sessions – a more efficient process which also reduces production time. Once approved, these computer models are converted to CAD files that are used to create detailed shop drawings. These files are programmed into CNC machinery that cuts the millwork parts with pinpoint accuracy. Our photorealistic renderings are often used to communicate the final design to vendor partners and marketing/communications teams.


Final Product

Completing any project requires a tremendous amount of communication, coordination, experience, and knowledge of the building trades. It all boils down to EXECUTION. Missed steps or inaccuracies are very costly and time-consuming. Our combined 40 plus years of installation and project management experience is what sets us apart from our competitors. Every member of our team is highly trained in CE and MAJAP visual merchandising and is dedicated to creating a remarkable customer experience that inspires and engages your customers. Our only business on providing successful consumer electronics and major appliances merchandising solutions that drive revenues and build your brand image.


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