The Queen City Diaries – The Completion

The Queen City Diaries – The Completion

Here it is: the fourth and final post spotlighting SRS’s latest project: the new Queen City AV & Appliances showroom in Pineville, NC. In the first three installments, we covered the initial research, the hand-drawn sketches, and the computer rendering phases of the project. For many design firms, this would be the end of the story, but not with SRS. We are truly a turn-key resource, or as we say: Concept to Completion. It’s here at the completion phase where we get our hands dirty and turn the creative concepts into tangible, workable, and profitable realities.
The completion phase is complex and would take a book to thoroughly explain, but I’ll try to go over some of the high points of the process. It started with multiple meetings with Roddey Player of Queen City and our contractors. We go over every last detail of the project, including the permitting and trade guidelines. Accuracy is of utmost importance. Once the construction documents are finished and signed off, we develop a timeline that details every step of the project and defines the delivery dates for our suppliers, lighting manufacturers, and most importantly, the millwork contractor. It’s all about trust, and this is where our reputation and experience become invaluable.

When all of these elements are in place, it’s time to make the magic happen. First, we make sure that the building’s infrastructure is sound and in place. We check the electrical, lighting,
paint, drywall, and other building fixtures to ensure a solid platform to work on. In this particular project, it was a very hands-on process for my team, and the Queen City AV & Appliances crew. Accuracy and timely communication were essential.

Then it on to the most challenging phase: the actual installation. Our team of installers boasts a combined 40+ years of casework, appliances, and consumer electronics installation experience. There’s a lot more to the job than just unboxing products and plugging them in. Without their vast knowledge, a job as complex as the Queen City project would have been impossible.
Our vision for the store was to create displays that would work like they do in the customer’s home. That meant lots of computer networking and programming and an intimate knowledge of the products. Our team did it it all, flawlessly, and on budget.
But we’re still not done. Small changes and subtle adjustments make all the difference. This is where my retail “eye” serves me well. I personally focus on refining every aspect of the project, from lighting to sight lines, to signage. The saying “the devil is in the details” is absolutely true. Eventually, everything gets signed off and the project is officially finished. It’s time to let our baby go off on his own.
I would like to personally thank Roddey Player, the CEO of Queen City, for his valuable input and direction. His knowledge and “feel” for the retail floor was an inspiration. We learned a lot and look forward to working with Queen City as they continue to flourish and grow.

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