Creating New Customers During the Holiday Selling Season

“The purpose of a business is to create a new customer.” – Peter Drucker

As the holidays rapidly approach, I’ve been asking my clients these three questions: What are you doing to prepare your stores for the upcoming selling season? Do you have a strategy in place? Is everybody on your staff prepared? In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, my blog entries will focus on this topic. I hope they will be timely and of helpful to you.

Let’s face it, the selling season is being extended with each passing year. Every retailer is doing what they can to beat last year’s sales figures by adding longer Black Friday promotions, more door busters, flash sales, extended store hours, and anything else they can think of to get people through the doors.

Most retailers use these promotional strategies to drive sales, but smart retailers take it a step further. They realize that it’s more than just stacking ‘em high and watching ‘em fly. With the increased Holiday foot traffic comes the golden opportunity to create and keep new customers. To accomplish this I recommend that you focus on these three goals:

  1. Delivering your value proposition.
  2. Providing world-class customer service.
  3. Building relationships that will lead to future sales.

Of course, knowing your competitor’s strategies is important, but flawlessly delivering these three goals will ensure a steady stream of new customers in the future.

Your sales and support team must also be thoroughly prepared. Creating new customers begins and ends with excellent daily communication to each and every team member. They must be excited, possess excellent product knowledge, and be tied into the company goals. Sales processes and staff schedules must also be well planned to ensure quick checkout and proper floor coverage.

But most importantly, new customers are created when the sales associate makes the buying experience memorable. Determining the customer’s needs, doing a killer demo and delivering after sale service will ensure this end.

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